9th April 2019 - 28th April  2019

We are in a small town just north east of Athens on the coast. It has 3 restaurants (one we were told is expensive and not good, and one is closed for the winter) and some souvlaki cafes. Now my plan for Greece was to sit in a Taverna on the beach drinking retsina and eating dips and seafood in the sunshine. The problem is the day after we arrived the weather was wonderful, but I was exhausted, and we did not get further than the supermarket. I had everyone in the supermarket helping me 3 servers and a customer. I was trying to buy a runny cheese like a brie!! I was shown a cheddar, and some great looking goat’s cheese (Ross will not eat goat’s cheese, where are you Judy Pridmore), so we all settled on a blue cheese. My helpers English was not so good. We got some baclava too which gives me diabetes just looking at it. I am eating a piece every second day. Oh yes, the weather, since the first day it has poured with rain. In fact, we had a full-blown thunder and lightning storm yesterday. Today it is just raining hard and looks like it has set in. It is also very cold at night.

The bathroom here has to be seen to be believed it is so small. I have to squash into the shower sideways and to wash my hair I have to make certain my elbows will be in the corners or I cannot reach my head. I dropped the soap and had to open the shower door, stick my head out to be able to reach down to the floor without getting jammed. Then today the hose to the showerhead falls off so I am being a contortionist trying to get the soap off me with a pipe Rather than a showerhead.

Having said all that, I am enjoying the rest and not being a tourist.

We have now tried 2 days in a row to get to Oropos the bigger town next to our village. The first day we were standing in the wrong place and the bus driver busy talking to a friend did not see us!!! The next day we stood at the correct place and the bus was going to Athens. No other bus turned up!! Perhaps we will end up not doing anything exciting here. I have to say we never got to Oropos!!

Today was Easter Sunday we decided to see what happens in our village on Easter Sunday. Not much different to any Sunday. Everyone was out and eating and drinking. The difference today was the sun was shining. We found a seat watching the water and indulged in dips, lamb and a few beers. We wandered home in a garlic haze. Just as well we do not know anyone here. I am really relaxed, we discussed not doing anything more than we are, which suits both of us. We found out that it was not Easter Sunday in Greece. It is next Sunday for the Orthodox Easter.  

It just so happened we were eating in the same place outside on the water on Orthodox Easter Sunday evening (gosh so exciting) half way through our meal the singing we had been hearing became very loud and the Easter parade walked past. There was a statue being carried on the shoulders of 4 strong men and it looked like the whole village (except for those in the restaurant with us), was following behind with candles. Amazing and of course my camera was at home. About 10 mins after the parade had past all the people turned up for dinner and the place was buzzing. Easter Sunday, the correct one was different to other Sundays.

This might be the most uninteresting email ever sent!! I think Spain might have a bit of excitement for us all, particularly now we have recharged our batteries.